Solar Geysers

Solartherm Indirect GeyserThe essential difference between Solar Geysers and ordinary Electric geysers, lies in the composition of the geyser.

Although we can do a solar retrofit to an existing electrical geyser, it is recommended that a solar geyser be installed when “going solar”
This enables better retention of heat and even more savings to you.

We mostly make use of SolarTherm geysers for the following reasons:

  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • PEX lining – No Anode – No Maintenance
  • 98% Thermal Efficiency- Meaning LOW heat loss
  • Pressure rating of 400kPa
  • Available in Vertical/ Horizontal

You will note that there are no maintenance costs because the geyser does not have an anode that needs replacing every 18-24 months.


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